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WhittyPaleo Christmas Recipe Ideas

December, 2015 (Last Updated: September, 2019)

Christmas breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert ideas

I had so many “Christmas” recipes in mind. Like too many. However, given my current posting schedule I actually could not decide which one would be best. So, I did some market research (amongst my friends lol) and I realised:

Christmas isn’t the same everywhere.

That’s kind of obvious right? I mean, I have Nigerian parents and even though I was born and (partly raised) in England, we always had a traditional christmas – a menu that was certainly not Paleo ha. So, you can understand my dilemma in trying to give you guys my best Christmas recipe.

Well instead, I’ve decided to do a WhittyPaleo round-up and offer you some Christmas ideas straight from my blog!

I have only been blogging a short while and as this will be my last post of 2015, I want to say a massive thank you to you guys for visiting, trying out the recipes and sharing them all with your friends! I’ve got a lot of fun plans for 2016 and I hope you will all ride with me! So, for now:

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! See you all in 2016 🙂


Banana Ice-Cream & Apple Butter Parfait 

Creamy Banana and Apple Butter Parfait

Banana Ice-Cream and Apple Butter Parfait

Coconut Herb & Lemon Crusted Salmon 

The BEST way to eat salmon

Coconut herb lemon crusted salmon

Plantain Fish Cakes with a Mango Slaw 

Plantain Fish Cakes with Mango Salsa

Plantain Fish Cakes with Mango Salsa

Apple & Red Wine Pancakes 

Pumpkin Pancakes with Apple Red Wine Topping

Grown up Pancakes

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts 

Cinnamon Sugar Cake Doughnut

Cinnamon Sugar Cake Doughnut

Coconut Herb Crackers 

Coconut Herb Crackers

Coconut Herb Crackers Biscuits

Breaded Prawns & Mustard Mango Dip

Breaded Shrimp with Mango Mustard Sauce

Spicy Coconut Flour Breaded Shrimp

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